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Midnight Melodies: A Castlevania TV Series Zine is an 18+, split-profit zine that centers around the concept of “Trio,” showing the relationships between any three characters together as they relate to the concepts and themes of the series.Half of our proceeds will be donated to the Leukemia Research Foundation!

Mod Neems

Organization, Art, Socials, and Formatting

Hello fellow Castlevania Lovers, I am but a humble nerd who adores the macabre and also Alucard.
Zine Experience:
Socials+Organization for Golden Future
Socials Mod for Stray Memories
Check out my carrd for more info~

Mod Nana

Organization and Socials

I'm ever the anime fan and have been engrossed in various fandoms throughout my nearly 25 years! I'm a big fan of big and sexy, and horror too! I'm here to simp and here to help!
Unrelated, I'm a mega simp of beloved characters such as: Zoro, Aizawa, Inui Juuzo, Draken, and most anime men with larger than life muscles.
Other zine experience:
Head Mod / Social Media for Let's Magical Cooking
Head Mod / Writer Mod for a Zoro Centric Fanzine
Writer Mod / Social Media Mod for Running With The Waves: A Nami Zine

Mod Pew


Pew is a photo/film graduate who currently works as a freelance artist and loves spending her free time working on different fandom community projects! She is currently the head mod / graphics+art mod for the Naruto zine Beyond a Bond, as well as having done graphics for Not Alone: Kuvira Zine volume 2 and Where Water Met Electricity: a Korrasami Zine. When not drawing she loves cooking and failing to teach her rescue kitten that curtains were not meant to be climbed.Other Zines:
Beyond a Bond
Where Water Met Electricity: A Korrasami Zine
Kuvira Zine Vol II

Mod Arielle


Hi! I'm Ari, a glasses character who's always crying because I love everything too much. Vampires are pretty cool, and I think they're neat. Fun Fact: After years of putting them off, watching Castlevania finally got me to play the games.Other zines:
Co-Head/Writing Mod for Let's Magical Cooking~!
Finance Mod for Till Death Do Us Part: A Hu Tao Ship Zine
Assistant Writing Mod for Lycoris Radiata: A BkDk Angst Zine
Writing Mod for World Between Worlds: A Star Wars Fanzine

Mod 99N


hi I’m an Alucard-obsessed bean who thrives on a lack of sleep. You can find me lurking in the Belmont Library or buried 6ft under spreadsheets.Projects:

Mod Cal


did anyone honestly expect the Netflix adaption to be that goodProjects: